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Software Quality Assurance Services: The Way To Deal with Unreproducible Problems

Unreproducible Problems

If the programmer and project manager are unable to reproduce an error described in a problem report and do not know its cause, they mark the document as Unreproducible, and return it to you. In this case, we can only try to still reproduce the situation by resorting to the following tactics: you should weekly send reports on pending and unsolved issues not only to junior, but also to middle and senior management. If your boss disapproves this endeavor, you should insist that such wide distribution of the reports at the end of the development is a common procedure. Permanent reminder of the incomplete work will make the staff understand that hiding head in the sand is not the way out at all as this approach will never contribute to detecting more errors. The goal is find 1-2 errors or defects, the most critical ones, every week and If it is possible, include additional comments on the issue in the report. If necessary, you may even demonstrate an error identified to the programmer or project manager. Give them a video or text files. All that will be attached to the report should be necessarily listed in the appropriate section.

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If the error cannot be reproduced in the current version of the program, but only in the previous one, it is best to mark the report as Amended and close it. As a rule, this means that while making the last change to a certain piece of the code the error was successfully corrected. However, before closing the report it is always best to check with the programmer to make sure that the things went right – the problem was solved. Be sure to write a relevant note in the test plan and perform repetitive tests for several subsequent versions of the program to make sure that errors no longer exist.

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If the error is not reproduced in any of the versions of the program, leave the report open for some time – perhaps, till the next stage of development starts. When receiving each new version you should test it again: maybe you would be able to detect an error after all. And only if you fail to find it then it is necessary to close the report completely.

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