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Offshore Software Testing Services: Extreme Values for Equivalence Classes

Be advised, that offshore software testing services are available to help you develop reliable, user-friendly, secure and functionally correct software products, using the most advanced testing tools.  

Extreme Values of Equivalence Classes

It is enough to run 1-2 tests for each equivalence class. And the best of them are those which check the values ​​that lie at the upper limit of the class. Whatever the values are (highest, lowest, loudest, the most beautiful, etc.) but in any case they should be the limit values for an equivalence class. Incorrect comparison operators (e.g.,> instead of> =) cause errors only at the limit values ​​of the arguments. At the same time, a program that fails at intermediate values ​​within the range, will almost certainly fail at the boundaries.

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You should test each extreme value of an equivalence class, also testing both sides of each boundary. The program, which will pass these tests are more likely to pass the other tests related to this class. Here are some examples:

  • If there is the range from 1 to 99, then in order to test valid data, you may choose the random number between 1 and 99, and to test invalid data you need to pick a number between 0 and 100.
  • If the program writes the checks for amounts from $ 1 to $ 99, you should try to write a check for a negative amount of $ 0, $ 100.
  • If the program expects a capital English letter, type A and Z. Also check the @ symbol, as the code is preceded by code of symbol A, and symbol ], which code follows the code of symbol Z. In addition, check the symbols a and d.
  • If the program draws lines with 0.001 (like a point) – 4 cm length, draw one point and a line of exactly 4 cm long. Let the program also try to draw a zero-length line.
  • If the sum of input values ​​must be equal to 180, try to enter values giving a total of 179, 180 and 181.
  • If the program receives a certain amount of input data, try to enter exactly the required amount, one less and one greater.

Analyzing values of the border ranges, it is important to consider all possible output values. Examine each printed element or images on the screen. What are the valid lists or maximum and minimum values ​​of each value printed? Is it possible to force the program to generate data that go beyond these boundaries, and how to do it?

It is recommended to use pentesting services as soon as possible and not wait till the outsiders find the way to access your Internet artifacts.

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