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Five Tremendous Trends in Mobile Testing As a Service

Five Tremendous Trends in Mobile Testing As a Service
Five Tremendous Trends in Mobile Testing As a Service

IT testing services grow further, as well as mobile app testing service trends will change hence. Nowadays, the applications are a part of a user’s everyday life. That’s why developers’ main focus should be on providing an app with all the features necessary for users. In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), the way people use their applications is changing and users set new trends, because the desire to be always connected and stay updated with the latest trends remains the first.

In the given article we will discuss some of the mobile app trends (also mobile app testing as a service) that will provide more shining to the app industry in 2016.

More Accentuate on Mobile App Security

The nearest years would be the years of developers’ full dedication on providing & ensuring the safety and security of mobile applications. The previous 2015 year was not very successful in the field of safety due to the fact that more than 75% of mobile apps got failed. So, mobile app security will be of the great concern in future.

IoT Will Make a Noise in the World

IoT (Internet of Things) is that thing, which will make every stuff, thing, device smarter, will change the complexity of mobile app development process. For example, you have smart TV and you enjoy them, but what if you will have a smart car, toaster, or fridge? And the will be available to everyone! All these due to IoT. I’m pretty sure that exactly this trend and its full realization is the most anticipated one.

Top Positions for Cloud Technology

The majority of people enjoy Cloud Technology and 2016 promises that CT will become an integral part of the app development process. Today, people are changing their mobile devices frequently, so via cloud facility, they can access the data from any channel as well as from any device.

The Shine of Cross-Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development tools play a significant role in completing the requirements of multiple gadgets. The majority of corporations, enterprises & companies can not be dependent on any single platform’s app. In 2016, anyone will be able to develop applications for multiple platforms, because the app development won’t be restricted to a single platform. It will be done with the help of cross-platform native app development tools & no-coding.

Smartish Mobile App Development

Why there is the necessity for a fast mobile app development? The reason is that every smartphone is starving for new apps and mobile users also like to try new things. In order to fulfill the user & app requirements – the process of app development should become much faster. In 2016 and in the following years, the mobile developers must shorten the time period between the initial app idea and app launching.

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