Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Testing Service As It Is

Fortunately, there is a lot of information about mobile testing therefore everyone can acquire knowledge on the increasing trend of mobile app development. The testing is an integral part of the development process so mobile testing service is provided throughout the entire life cycle.

Many companies tend to build mobile versions of their products. For example, it is very convenient to have Facebook mobile app on a phone; of course, you can visit Fb through a browser but it will be less convenient and at that take longer than by means of the device.  

While reading this article, you are recommended to have your phone or tablet at hand. Run some application and watch carefully how it is working. Try to understand why it looks like that, what capabilities and interface features it has. By doing so you will see the fun of it.

Investigating mobile apps mobile testing companies face the obvious difficulty that is a multitude of platforms.

There is a big number of combinations of variables such as: operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), OS versions, screen resolution, screen size, the battery’s capacity, the operator, the number of SIM cards, the presence or absence of Wi-Fi availability, etc.

In such a situation, it is reasonable to perform equivalence class testing and use other methods for minimizing the number of test configurations.

There are many ways to increase test coverage of required devices. Some companies run not only internal testing but also external testing (crowdsourcing or beta). For example, there are services like uTest and Testlio ( a crowdsourced community of testing specialists), where any company can find a tester who has a specific device. There are remote laboratories in which developers and testers can find and use almost any device. Unfortunately it is often a paid service.

But let’s talk about more mundane things, specifically, about what testers of mobile applications have to deal with day by day. Here are just some of the problems:

  • Installing applications
  • Collecting logs
  • Making screenshots and taking videos
  • Examining interface features
  • Evaluating the device driver components showed by the app’s architecture
  • Gathering performance metrics
  • Emulating various interrupts in the application’s work (calls, incoming SMS, unexpected device disconnections due to the battery rundown)
  • Simulating different levels of communication

It is rather necessary to resort to mobile app testing service if you want your program to be easy-to-use and serve you as long as possible bringing joy to your life.

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