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Mobile Testing Services: Three Newest Mobile App Trends in 2016

Mobile Testing Services: Three Newest Mobile App Trends in 2016
Mobile Testing Services: Three Newest Mobile App Trends in 2016

The industry of IT testing services, especially mobile one, develops and grows very fast. In this case, mobile app testing companies can’t rely on grown up technologies and tools, plans and strategies. The industry of mobile applications goes through fast and unrecognizable changes due to the fact of new gadgets and technologies implementation. New devices and technologies have a great impact on a total development process. So, what 2016 has prepared for us?

Trend #1. Mobile Security

Nowadays it’s very important to keep our privacy safe and we are ready to pay for this! Cyber-attackers are attracted to such sectors as banking or medical institutes because they store very important information that can cost good money.

Mobile developers should apply/invent new methods and technologies to protect mobile app infrastructure and processed private data/information. Security testing services verify and check if the system inclines to various kinds of info leakage.

Trend #2. Development of Cross Platform App

What devices do mobile workers, who are involved in such fields as business, engineering, client services, use? Of course, tablets! They value such features as mobility and portability in these devices. Regard this fact, the tablets sales are in decrease now.

Mobile developers should work on such solution as cross platform. For what? Mobile workers, who used to work with desktop, should be able to transit easily and faster to mobile devices. People desire to use exact same apps with particular features, options, and capabilities on other devices/platforms. That’s why cross-platform application development will dominate the industry in 2016.

Trend #3. Wearable Devices

It’s not a secret at all that wearable devices have become an integral part of our every-day life. There are lots of them, like various fitness devices, smart watches, devices that can connect to our mobile phones/tablets. People strive for better integration of WD (wearable devices) and their mobile gadgets, for better interfaces and performance.

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