Mobile Application Testing

Well-Known Challenges of Mobile Application Testing

It is surely difficult to design a user-friendly mobile application but businesses do not experience big problems with this task though it may sound strange. The reason is a variety of technologies, tools, and possibility to reach talent pool, due to which it becomes comparatively easy to develop mobile application.

One of the main concerns of many businesses is testing of their applications that is why they resort to mobile application testing service.
The app stores offer a myriad of options that spoil many users who in rush to uninstall the applications if these are not user-friendly, or not meet their needs, or defective.

Mobile app testing related issues

Be aware of the main challenges of mobile application testing:

1. User Experience and Usability
A must have for mobile application is stellar user experience. The goal of app testing is to ensure that applications run smoothly, and their features are easily understandable by the users and do not confuse them. The programs should deliver the similar user experience across all platforms and devices.
2. Operating Systems
There is growing use of smartphones and as a result the users are becoming more good at using the phone. The mobile devices are used for the internet access so that to visit websites, download newer applications, take part in on social networking sites. etc. Nowadays there is a great choice of mobile operating systems and each of them has numerous versions. Businesses have to verify whether their applications work flawlessly on every operation system and its version.
3. Screen Sizes
While there are a lot of people using the popular mobile device brands, local players do not experience a shortage of new phones to launch them continuously. Every new version of the mobile device will probably have different screen resolution. As mobile behaviors change the users take for granted that screen sizes also change. This makes them easily adapt and respond to such modifications.
Mobile app testing companies provide services for various mobile phone operating versions.
4. A Diverse Range of Carrier Networks
The software applications that can be used in various geographical regions and are also able to support various languages must be tested with different operators throughout various countries. It is very important, because the usability and user experience for many applications is much dependent on how well available carrier network performs. Testing service providers face with multiple challenges while testing apps especially with such increment in complexity.

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