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Independent Software Testing: Guidelines on Smoke Testing for Humanists and Co-Founders

Simple mistakes can have fatal consequences for your site, especially if you are Software as a Service. If a user is visiting your site is unable to cope with an easy task such as signing in or resetting a password, you are likely to lose this user forever and ever.

Independent Software Testing is carried out by outside highly qualified specialists; accordingly you can get access to QC/QA practices, flexibility, operational and cost benefits.

Welcome to the world of smoke-tests

Smoke testing was invented to explain how engineers-electricians verified whether their instrument worked or not – they switched it on and if smoke was appearing.…

But how can it be related to applications?

The importance of smoke tests (and effective demand for them), as a rule, is unknown for managers-scholars and co-founders. Systematic smoke-tests play a significant role in preventing possible software cracking. They minimize the probability of your web or mobile app failure.

Smoke tests are developed to verify principal function, and they should be an integral part of application testing service.

Smoke testing helps to make sure that none of the major and obvious failures were left to chance. It is undesirable to carry out more thorough testing until you perform smoke tests because these can eliminate fundamental errors in software.

Step 1: Decide what you want to test

Find out, what your application tends to achieve. Create a suite of tests. A test suite is a totality of test cases put together in a particular manner (for instance, by functionality).

Smoke-testing will not involve variables and will not suggest the questions like “what if?”. It requires only answers: yes /not, but before switching to the thorough testing, all test cases must be efficiently executed.

Step 2: Insert the results into a table

Partially: In the first place, you may not understand that some actions can be additionally partitioned, and, therefore, one part can work but the other – not.

Step 3: Automated smoke testing

It is vital not take as axiom some action that was performed only once that it will always be effective and efficient. Smoke tests allow you to identify whether main functions have not been working well in due course or have been destroyed for a long period

Do not ever stop performing smoke testing. Never. Automated testing service helps customers to implement leverage effective tools and the best practices.

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