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Top Software Testing Companies: The Difference Between Manual & Automated Testing

Manual tester is like a doctor while an automated tester is a specialist that adjusts and repairs medical equipment and has some medical knowledge. Manual testing takes longer than automated one. Manual tests are run only by hand; this is the simplest form of testing that does not require a large amount of knowledge. Manual testers spend a lot of time doing their work that is tiresome and routine.

Top software testing companies employ personnel according to their professional background by assessing how effectively and efficiently the applicants can run all types of tests.

But before testing an application automatically, a tester has to run a set of tests manually. Manual testing requires extra efforts but without resorting to it, we may not know whether test automation is possible or not in general. One of the fundamental principles of testing declares: “100% test automation is just impossible!“ So manual testing is rather a necessity.

A good doctor uses specialized medical instruments but does not aim to establish diagnosis automatically so that to save on own expenses. Automated testers must aid manual testers in doing their work on the final play a primary role in carrying out the process and making the final decision on it. Manual tests can be considered to be the brains behind the testing.

Automated testing involves using special software apart from testable one for monitoring test execution and comparing actual behavior of the application with expected one. This type of testing helps to automate frequently the repeated tasks which are so necessary for ensuring complete test coverage.

Do you know that beta testing companies can contribute much to the success of your business? These are available to test your project or product right before it is released. More importantly, at the beta stage, end users themselves try your product out to validate its reliability, usability, compatibility, functionality.An attempt to replace human testers with machines is as stupid as trying to replace doctors with medical instruments and facilities appended to them.

Then it becomes apparent that the projects which need to be treated by a good doctor must be served by highly qualified testers but not by just clickers (who according to this terminology can hardly be called as “aid-men”). Again, from this example, we can conclude that a human tester must get paid more than an automated one. And, it is impossible to become a dedicated tester ( a major one) in software testing services companies for one year or two.

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