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Automation Testing Companies:The Value of Agile Development

The majority of automation testing companies and other organizations admit that they were using agile development practices and now these have just grown in number. Agile can be referred to as an approach to software product delivery, as a type of incremental model, short release phases. It is the process used for management of software development projects.

In Agile development there are more frequent software release cycles and this means that testing time will be shorter – the perfect case when the test should be automated. With every subsequent release more features are added and hereby the more code coverage is achieved – it will be, possible to cover more test cases at the same time or even less. And you will hardly manage to do that without test automation technique.

To be successful in iterative software development you should perform as rigorous regression testing as possible. This will help to verify whether the stuff already available in previous versions is not broken by new releases – this is another excellent occasion for automating test cases. Accordingly, you cannot but automate tests in agile development.

When using software test automation services many businesses manage to reduce testing cycle time. This is followed by significant cost savings because the approach allows to detect defects early in the testing or development life cycle and provide cost-effective technique for regression testing of software with long useful life.

Thus, it seems to be important to consider test automation while designing the software – namely design tests, when the components of the product are being designed. Owing to this, it is possible to create test automation strategy based on the expected behavior of the product rather than on particular code iterations.

Guessing that it is beneficial for test automation to be a part of the software planning an Agile, the iterative approach can be also useful for creating easy-build complete regression testing suite. Actually, it would have to do with automation just for the features that are carried over from the previous version into the current version. At that, only stable features would be taken into account.

Test automation process can be challenging, however. The main difficulty is when there are fast and so thick releases which targeted codebase will the automated test suite be based on? The other frequent problem refers to an incomplete strategy – automation testing companies happen to observe automation test plans stop while the unit tests are being automated.


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