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Independent Testing Services Brings Only Benefits: True or Not?

Independent Testing Services Brings Only Benefits: True or Not?
Independent Testing Services Brings Only Benefits: True or Not?

The creation and commissioning of a complex software product – is a very responsible process that requires a balanced cooperation of several project teams to achieve the desired result. Independent testing services, in this case, is an integral part of the software production process that allows identifying and eliminating defects in code at early stages. No matter whether we are talking about specially designed software or embedded completed corporate information system: error detected at testing stage – will cost much cheaper than errors found in already embedded in the work product.

When adverting to independent testing, quality assurance team of the chosen company should provide answers/solutions to the concerned issues about the quality of the product.

Independent testing companies should also provide such testing services as:

  • Functional/regression testing.
  • API testing.
  • Load/performance/stress testing types.
  • Compatibility/configuration testing.
  • Localization testing.
  • Usability testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Migration data testing.

It’s necessary to distinguish independent testing from beta-testing when product testing is performed by usual users. Such variant doesn’t assume the use of a system approach. It’s aimed to identify how good the software can function in beta-testers’ environment.

To sum up everything mentioned above, I can say that independent testing brings only benefits, because testers use up-to-date testing methods, systemize the received results in order to improve the quality of your product.

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